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Thrive: Training for Active Aging

THRIVE is a supervised exercise program for older adults.

This will provide you with an opportunity to workout with other like-minded people under the watchful eye of a personal trainer specializing in senior fitness. This small group environment allows you to interact and encourage each other while improving your strength and fitness. These workouts take place in a supervised environment, giving you the benefit of safe and effective training that is tailored to your abilities and needs. And ensures that you get assistance if you need to learn the correct workout technique or you need motivation to go on. Join us to improve your strength, stamina and vitality.

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A group of female friends exercising with free weights in a health club, following an instructor.

Perfecting Posture

Stand Straighter, Look Thinner, Relieve Back and Neck Pain and Increase Energy.

Poor posture can wreak havoc on your body, from headaches, to chronic neck issues, and lower back pain. Misalignment causes movement compensations that lead to pain and injury.A combination of strengthening and stretching the muscles responsible for good spinal alignment can help to relieve back pain, improve overall well-being and get you back in the game of life.

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Senior woman (60s) doing barre exercises in dance studio.

Standing Strong

Improve Lower Body Strength and Balance to Reduce the Risk of Falls and Injury.

Insufficient muscle strength contributes to falls and a lower quality of life. The ability to maintain your balance requires more than static stability. It requires numerous systems in the body to work together to send and process information to allow the body to react to numerous balance adjustments throughout the day. A customized program targeting these systems can help to prevent instability and reduce incidence of falls.

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Build a Better Booty

Wouldn’t you love to hit the beach this summer with a boost of strong confidence?

Sculpt your glutes from every angle with targeted training to Firm, Lift and Shape your backside. With Build a Better Booty you can finally achieve a rear view you’ll be proud to show off.

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Frankly, I thought I was too old for exercise and 2 B Fit Personal Training for I was so stiff and hurt all the time. I was having trouble sleeping. But I couldn’t believe how good I started to feel in just a few weeks. In one month I started to walk the stairs where I live- no more elevators for me- I learned it’s never too late to start to beat old age. Thanks for helping me to turn back the clock.

E.F. Elizabethtown