Stacia Irwin has been my personal trainer for about one year. I believe that she is head and shoulders above other personal trainers and would highly recommend her to anyone starting a personal training program.
Stacia began my training program with an in-depth questionnaire and personal interview, focusing on my medical history, physical condition and fitness goals. She then tailored a specific program for me based on this information. (Unlike the cookie-cutter programs that many trainers use.) A personalized approach was important for me because I have had major back surgery, causing gait and balance problems. Stacia was very creative and knowledgeable in putting together an exercise program that did not stress my back, helped improve my balance, and strengthened the muscles needed for balance, standing and walking. Furthermore, I recently had surgery that required me to (temporarily) stay off my feet. Once again Stacia used her knowledge and creativity to put together exercises to work on strength, core, flexibility, and balance which I could do without being on my feet. Quite remarkable!
During our training sessions, Stacia works with me on a one on one basis, demonstrating the exercise and then coaching and correcting me to insure that I am doing it correctly and getting the full benefit of the exercise. This again is quite different from my experience with other trainers, who often demonstrate an exercise and then send you off to do it on your own, never checking on whether you are doing it correctly.
Finally, each session with Stacia is a little different as she focuses on different ways to work the targeted muscle groups. This also keeps the workouts interesting.
In summary, I would believe Stacia focuses on her client’s personal needs and problems like few other trainers. And has a unique talent in putting together exercise programs specifically designed to address these needs. I can recommend her as a personal trainer with complete confidence.                                   Walt H. Philadelphia

My name is Rosina. I am 90 years young. I am a mother of 6, grandmother to 10 and have 6 great grandchildren.

My biggest struggle was my balance. I used a walker to get around because my legs were weak and I was very unsteady on my feet but I hated the walker because it limited my comings and goings. I really wanted to be able to leave it behind.

Since beginning my training with Stacia, we worked on my leg strength and balance. I first graduated from the walker to using a cane, Now I am able to walk on my own without the use of any device.

The best part of working with Stacia is she knows how to make you fit in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere

I am able to shop at the mall, and travel with my family. And I feel the best is yet to come!   

                                                                                Rose F Elizabethtown

No Diabetes Meds For Me!

I am 57 years old and for years didn’t pay attention to my A1C  (3 month average Blood Sugar numbers) or cholesterol numbers (my bad!).  Finally, March 2017 I realized I needed to get very serious as I could tell from my body things were changing and it wasn’t for the better.  I felt tired, no energy and had some other subtle things going on that just didn’t seem normal.  My doctor wanted me to start pre-diabetic medication and was getting ready to write the prescription. After pleading with her for 3 more months to try and make changes, I finally decided I needed to get serious.  The next 2 weeks my mind was racing trying to come up with a plan.  I’m not a ‘gym’ person so that was out.  My husband thought he could get me out walking every night, but that didn’t work due to weather and other things that would come up.  I pride myself on being a very disciplined and self-motivated individual but when it comes to exercise I really drop the ball.  So, one day while driving along Cloverleaf Road, I noticed a new sign: 2BFit.   Here was my sign (as the saying goes)!  I knew it was relatively new since I drive that stretch of road quite often and I had passed it many times without thinking much about it. But this day was different.  A voice inside said, “You need to call”.  My initial meeting with Stacia was Monday, March 27, 2017 and I started my 2BFit journey Tuesday, April 4, 2017.  That day was the start of my new lifestyle and taking control of my health.  Look at the chart again keeping in mind my life change started April 4, 2017.  The blood tests you see highlighted in red are from 6/15/17.  It’s about a 2-1/2 month span (72 days to be exact).  Notice the dramatic positive change in the numbers?

Month / Year


(Range 4.1 –5.6%)


(Range 125 –200)


(Range 53-150)

3/2015 213116
6/2010 226193
6/2009 216161
5/2006 219139

Here’s the part where 2BFit and Stacia come in:  Day one at 2BFit, Stacia did a complete evaluation and assessment of my various strengths and weakness.  And let me tell you, there were many weaknesses.  I didn’t realize how out of shape I was.  It was somewhat discouraging that I let my body get so out of shape.  If you’re anything like me, you let life get in the way and certain things take priority over your health.  It’s unfortunate, but a fact in many cases.  We put things off and think nothing will happen, or we put it off saying we’ll take care of it in a few months.  And then…a health scare.  On day two at 2BFit, Stacia guided me through some basic moves.  I was again discouraged that my body wasn’t doing what my mind thought I should be doing with ease.  The next day most of my leg and thigh muscles let me know they were now awake!  Sitting at a desk most of the day for many years had not helped.  I knew Stacia instructed me through a very basic stretching workout and if this is how my muscles felt I was in trouble.  How was I going to age and continue an active lifestyle?  How would I continue to enjoy the outdoors or even do daily household things if I lost my agility?  What about my other health concerns?  It was then I vowed to put everything on the line, go all-in and make a total commitment and invest in my overall well-being and health.  I knew I was going to have to make a lifestyle change regardless what I did.  Either daily meds and the side effects that come along with them or daily exercise and smarter food choices.  To me, it was a no-brainer – a professional workout plan matched with smart nutrition.

Did I mention I’m not a ‘gym’ person?  I tried going to the gym many years ago.  It was one of those New Year’s resolution fads which quickly fizzled out when I got bored with the treadmill and didn’t know what to do or how to use the other equipment.  After a couple of weeks, I was a bit intimidated by the whole experience.  But, the beauty of hiring Stacia for my personal trainer is that I let her determine the best course of action.  During her first assessment and continued observation of my progress, she knows what works best for me.  I don’t have to be at a gym and wing-it and try and figure out what exercises are the most beneficial.  She’s the professional, she knows what works and thoroughly explains things while I’m working out.  Besides, what did I know about muscles and the right way to do things to get the maximum benefit?  I didn’t even really know what a plank or lunge was let alone do them properly. Another thing about hiring a personal trainer is time.  If you’re like me time is a precious commodity and we all seem to want more of it.  My thinking was if I’m going to invest my time I want to get the maximum benefit and results.  I’m all about ROI (return on investment) and like getting the best bang for the buck. Now don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t, and am not looking for fast results.  But I knew from the sore muscles that her planned workouts were hitting the right areas.  I’m willing and want to stay the course and continue working out to learn new things as my body continues getting stronger.  I now know exercise must be a regular part of my life as I age for many, many reasons.  I was unsure if I could do something to help my A1C and cholesterol numbers, but the satisfaction of seeing my progress and knowing I am in control of my health is why 2BFit is now and will continue to be part of my week.

Still unsure if 2BFit will work for you?  Stacia has a natural gift of engaging with people with various levels of strengths and abilities.  When I’m working out, I must stay very focused, concentrate and dial-in.  I’m so easily distracted and lose concentration at the drop of a pin. But Stacia is very patient and I’m able to learn at my speed and ability.  I’m also the poster girl for lack of coordination!  However, Stacia keeps working with me until I get it right, sometimes explaining or showing me over and over.  There is no intimidation because you can sense her desire to make a difference in your health.  If you have questions about nutrition and other health topics she is extremely knowledgeable.  She’s written many articles and if you haven’t read them I encourage you to do so under the ‘Article’ section of the 2BFit homepage.  I’m confident you’ll walk away with a new tidbit of information.

If you want to know more about my 2BFit journey and how it’s helping me right now, give me a call.  Stacia will give you my phone number.  I’ll be happy to share more details.  I’ll share with you more of my passion about 2BFit and how excited I am to now be in control of my health.  She encouraged me to keep track of certain things in a notebook, that way I would be able to track my progress and note my goals.  I’m so glad I took her advice because my journey is now well documented and proof of where I was, where I am and where I’m heading.

Stacia chose her slogan LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, LIVE BETTER for a reason.  I’m doing it…you can too!              C. Dale   Mount Joy

What Made You Choose 2Bfit Nutrition Coaching Over Another?

With other programs, a weekly meeting just wasn’t enough for me. And frankly, I would join a program, leave, and after being away for six or eight months, I’d return and find the same people sitting there, looking exactly the same as when I last attended, still handing out tips for successful weight loss, but not really following the tips themselves. I wanted to move forward, not stay stagnant. I felt there wasn’t enough motivation in other programs…they were just spilling out facts that I already knew and handing out recipe sheets. I wanted more than that because my biggest struggle was staying motivated, especially when I wasn’t dropping weight. The effect of not losing weight was that I’d give up. Then the feeling would creep in that I’d never be able to attain what my ideal goal was.

What appealed to me about 2BFit Nutrition Coaching was the fact that it was different from any other program I had tried. The focus on whole body health AND the daily contact via emails is what makes this program different. And it’s not just about “eat this, lose weight’…. I know that there is more to this journey than just eating celery and carrots and I wanted a program that knew that too.  Pro Coach totally encompasses the many facets of a healthy lifestyle including weight loss, such as mental engagement, physical activity, addressing ingrained habits and past experiences. These are reinforced through daily email lessons. And, the fact that I can either read or listen to the messages is great, too – I listen to them most often when I go for my morning walk. AND, I get feedback from a real person. Stacia responds to me and is available for me whenever I need it!


What has made the biggest impact is the focus on building habits. Even days when I feel like I haven’t done any work toward weight loss, if I just did ONE thing (my daily habit), then I felt that I was actually doing something that was taking me towards my goal, and that’s enough to keep me moving forward.

I can honestly say that the daily emails are the little ‘angel’ sitting on my shoulder, making me feel better about what I am doing by acknowledging that this is hard work, that mistakes are made, yet providing little nudges that told me that the day was going to be o.k.

I’m 61 years old, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t drop weight as fast as I did when I was younger. And unlike other things I’ve tried, this program doesn’t just focus on what the scale says. It lets ME determine what makes this program successful for me. For me, it’s having less joint pain now, It’s the fact that I’ve dramatically cut back on sugary foods, & I’m wearing clothes that I’ve had in my closet for a while; and knowing that everyday I’m making progress along my journey because my daily emails remind me of what I’ve accomplished so far. Before, I’d tell myself, “I had this enormous meal, there’s no way I can go to my meeting this week!”, then one week would turn into two weeks then before I knew it, I’d be a weight-loss program dropout. Now I get an email that says “Did you do your habit today?” And when I say “Yes,” I know that there is still hope for me!

                                                                            Penny from Mount Joy, Pa

I met Stacia Irwin at the Elizabethtown Library at this very event one year ago.  It was the beginning of my journey to “Look good.  Feel Good & Live better.”

       At the time, I was looking for a weight loss and fitness program that was a good fit for me.  I weighed more than I had ever weighed, and I was not happy about it.  I had belonged to Curves in the past and had lost weight but over time gained all the weight back and then some.  I felt that going back to that type of program would again yield similar results.  I belonged to a gym, but I was not motivated to go as there was not a structured program in place for me to follow.  I had toyed with meeting with a personal trainer to set up an exercise program but didn’t pursue this idea past thinking about it.

     Then I met Stacia at the E-town Library Business Fair.  We chatted a bit at her table, and she told me about the nutrition program and where her studio is located.  It seemed like a perfect location for me since I pass 2BFit every day on my way to and from work.  Stacia was comfortable to talk with, did not give any high pressure sales pitch and was very genuine.

     Stacia followed through also.  She e-mailed me some nutrition information and also sent a text to follow up on setting up a time to meet.  I decided that it was time to make the call and I am so happy that I did.

     One of the first things Stacia told me was that most of my weight loss would come through changing my diet.  She introduced me to the Precision Nutrition Program:  a one year program with 24 habits to practice and choose what works for me.  This program has a daily nutrition “devotion” that I listen to.  It takes less than 15 minutes on most days.  Perfect for me!  Very manageable and I have learned some valuable insights through the program not only about nutrition but also about myself—setting goals, being realistic and giving myself latitude to not always expect perfection. 

     I also have been working out with Stacia at 2BFit once a week for the last year, and it has been fun!  I work out with several other people each week.  Stacia’s “studio” is a small setting and not at all intimidating.  The atmosphere is one of acceptance.  It has been a great experience getting to know others who are also trying to improve their health and fitness level.  We laugh a lot but we also challenge each other and work hard.  Stacia is always encouraging.  She is also compassionate and works with me to meet me at my ability level and physical limitations.  She adjusts the program to try to meet the needs and abilities of each of us.  It is NOT one size fits all.

     The best part is that I have been able to stick with this program, and I am enjoying it!!  Have I met all my goals?  No, but I have made significant progress.  I have lost over 20 pounds and have kept it off.  My fat percentage is down and muscle is up.  My blood pressure has come down to within normal limits.  My stamina and energy have also improved.  One of my goals was to hike the 9 mile Golden Eagle Trail in the Pine Creek Valley in Northern PA.  I did not quite meet this goal, but I did hike a steep portion of it and was able to do so with much more ease than I would have a year ago.  In fact, I wouldn’t have attempted it at all a year ago.

     Starting this journey at 2BFit has been well worth the investment!  I’m so happy that I stopped to talk to Stacia.  I hope you will be too!

Mary Ferruzza

Mount Joy


     I had never had reason to diet until I got older and my once racing metabolism began to slow down. Then I began to see some weight sticking to my bones, weight I definitely did not want. So I decided to eat healthier and exercise, because, well, that’s what you do to lose the extra pounds, right? Right! But my changes weren’t yielding any results. In fact, I actually gained a few more pounds. This was a real difficulty I needed to overcome. My confidence and self esteem were disappearing, and I hated the way I looked. But I sure didn’t know the secret of how to do it.


     Ultimately, I chose to participate in a professional nutritional coaching program recommended by my fitness trainer at 2BFit. I was skeptical at first, figuring it would be another waste of time and money. It turned out to be the best decision I made toward a healthier diet. Precision Nutrition is not a diet or a “weight loss program.” It is a series of easy to follow lessons, the introduction of new habits, and a lot of teaching about foods, what they do in the body, and how they affect weight and health. The goal is to change your lifestyle, little by little, into a healthier one. That was the golden ticket for me.


     Personally, I like the ease of the lessons and the tips and recommendations about foods. Before Precision Nutrition, I thought I knew what foods were good for me and which were not, but it turned out I didn’t. I believed what the advertising and packaging wanted me to. When I learned to read labels and what to look for hidden in that label, I began to make changes in food choices and I am seeing the first results! I drink more water, have more energy, and my clothes are getting looser-fitting. This is encouraging and makes me want to continue in the program, which I’ve only been in for about 9 weeks.  

     Knowledge is power and power builds confidence. Confidence is what improves your outlook and helps you persevere. I’m excited about my fitness and nutritional programs now, and I know I can get where I want to be with these two tools. Don’t get me wrong, you have to do the work to get any results. The key is the right tools to do the work, and now I have them. And I would recommend both to any person wanting to eat better, live healthier and sculpt the body they really want.

Kelly,  Elizabethtown

Refusing to take diagnosis lying down.

One year ago I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, not willing to take life lying down but to take charge, I made some lifestyle changes like eating and drinking more foods rich in calcium and conscientiously avoiding  inflammatory foods.  I have always been active, ate overall a healthy diet and kept my weight in check but having a flare up with my Rheumatoid Arthritis after an injury not only was I unable to walk for a while but had to take Prednisone, that among other things depletes the calcium in your bones and boom Osteoporosis!  Good intentions just do not get the job done and knowing routine exercise and nutrition are vital for being healthy I sought help from an expert.


What I have noticed at a ripe age of 72 after one year of weekly individual  training sessions with Stacia is that I can still reach the dishes up on the top shelf indicating my bones are not shrinking any more and this summer I was able to get up on one water ski (slalom) due to increased strength and something I could not do the past 2 years.  Was personal training worth it?  YES!!!  And an added bonus is: Stacia has become a very dear friend as well, she has a heart of gold.  I would recommend her and her services to anyone who has a desire to improve their health and fitness.  She lives what she preaches and teaches.

I'm thankful to have met Stacia and to have taken advantage of the opportunity.  I feel my life has definitely been enriched.

When I decided to enlist Stacia in my quest for optimal health as a Personal Trainer. I got more from her then I anticipated as she not only knows exercise, its effects on different muscle fibers in our bodies, how to build strong bones but also the relationship of involving good nutrition to build healthy bodies and bones. She is dedicated to give the best possible experience to her clients as she continues to expand her wealth of knowledge by regularly attending seminars in those areas that meet our needs.  I feel privileged and fortunate to be able to work with Stacia who is thoughtful, considerate and has her client's best interest at heart.

Ruth Adams 72 years young

"Physical activity has always been a part of my schedule with walking, gardening and regular workouts at “Curves”. As I grew older, I felt I needed a program to improve my balance and strengthen my core muscles. 2.B.FIT TO THE RESCUE.

Working with Stacia to develop an exercise program to meet my goals, begin at my fitness level and challenge me to do more than I think I can do has been a rewarding and beneficial experience. My programs are designed to meet my goals and I can see results. The routines are well planned and time is used efficiently.


The workouts are rigorous, but fun. I look forward to our sessions and feel energized afterwards. “. I’m well on the road to realizing my goals and in the process I’ve lost some weight and reduced my body fat. Believe it or not, I enjoy our weekly workouts. The only requirement for results is a commitment to participate fully in the program. It pays off with a better quality of life! At 28 or 82 it is never too late to begin 2.B.FIT."

Margaret, Age 81

"I began my training with Stacia about 2 ½ years ago. With weight bearing exercise I have reversed my osteoporosis. My last bone density report showed my bones to be stronger and healthier. I also see a big difference in my body as a whole…my body is more firm, and my balance has improved, …. I appreciate the encouragement during the sessions and the challenge with each new routine."

B.S., Elizabethtown

Meeting Stacia changed my life.  Her thoughtful approach to exercise enhanced not only the idea of exercising, but other aspects of my life: While making supper, instead of sitting and reading until supper is ready, I do lunges; while sitting at work I make a conscious effort to engage my core rather than slouching down at my computer; when picking a box up, I make sure to shoot my hips back and keep my torso long.  

But most of all, working with Stacia has encouraged me to be persistent and dedicated in my training whilst having fun.  I encourage anyone who feels apprehensive at the prospect of working out and getting fit to contact Stacia immediately, and get started today on a new life. 

Thanks again for a great workout!  you really have changed multiple aspects of my life and I am eternally grateful.                                                        Rebecca B. Harrisburg


THANK YOU again!  I sit here and am amazed how much better I feel (even though some muscles ache..but it's all good!), the energy I have and the confidence I now have that I am actually doing this....and on a daily basis. I'm excited to see where I'll be a few months from now.  With your continued guidance and encouragement I know I can get the Blood Glucose levels down and keep them down.   I made a promise to myself that I will avoid medication at all costs and am determined not to go down that road.  Yes, I'm 57 but I certainly don't feel it mentally and if you ask Jeff he'll tell you I don't act it!! 

I don't want to be redundant or make you feel awkward, but I am sincere when I say you are changing my life.  In reality, I am changing my life with your help.  I'm a firm believer that God places people in your life at just the right time and it certainly was the right time in this case. As I mentioned this morning, you truly have a gift.  You meet people at their level and personality and have a way of making a positive connection.
C.D. Mount Joy


"2bfit Personal Training with Stacia is THE place to be. The trainer, the classes, the facility are all AMAZING! Stacia will give you the best workout in PA, hands down! I love everything about the experience there. From the private facility--no need to be embarrassed about your current fitness level--to the one on one session, everything is top notch. The equipment is constantly being sanitized--for a clean, safe, environment. I feel very welcomed and encouraged to come on a weekly basis and grow into a healthier me! Stacia is very educated and helps to make fitness and healthy living accessible to all levels of fitness, age and body type. She works hard on developing a specific workout every week that is custom fit to my level of fitness and areas that need improved. Her facility is a 'temple' to healthy living and movement. The classes are affordable and intense. I wish I could go there every day."

Peter J., Hershey, PA

"I started with Stacia a little over a year ago. I had a neck injury from a car accident years ago and after several years of physical therapy and chiropractic appointments, I was feeling like I needed something more. Stacia has done a remarkable job of helping me to rebuild my core stability and strengthening my neck. Even with my severe restrictions on activities, Stacia was able to design a program specific to me to ensure that I get stronger without injuring myself further. The exercise routine has also improved my spirit and now I have more confidence that I can attain my goals. Stacia has a positive attitude and is an absolute pleasure to work out with. She answers questions with enthusiasm and is extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services."

B.M., Elizabethtown

"Take a peak inside the blog of a new trainee. Seeking fitness her entire adult life she has chosen to hire 2BFit to help her reach this previously unattainable goal. Read about her successes as well as her struggles. Cheer her on as she journeys toward  better health and wellness.    http://meand2b.blogspot.com/"

JL, Elizabethtown

"Before beginning with Stacia I was overweight and out of shape. I felt sluggish, tired most of the time and didn’t have enough energy for daily activities . I was on medication for high blood pressure and Type II diabetes, had high cholesterol and suffered with chronic IBS that controlled my life. Stacia started me on an exercise program, first walking, gradually increasing my speed and distance, and doing resistance training which increased my metabolism and allowed me to completely change my body composition. I did not understand how my diet was affecting my health, so she educated me on eating more nutritiously. Through incremental changes to my eating habits and including a structured exercise plan I was able to lower my blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and was able to eliminate the medications for both. My cholesterol levels are now within healthy parameters and my energy is through the roof. I lost over 40 lbs without dieting or even feeling deprived. Best of all my IBS is no longer an issue. This has completely changed my life and I continue to strive for optimum health and fitness. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I began to feel better, now there is no stopping me."

R.S., Elizabethtown

"Frankly, I thought I was too old for exercise and 2 B Fit Personal Training for I was so stiff and hurt all the time. I was having trouble sleeping. But I couldn’t believe how good I started to feel in just a few weeks. In one month I started to walk the stairs where I live- no more elevators for me- I learned it’s never too late to start to beat old age. Thanks for helping me to turn back the clock."

E.F., Elizabethtown

"It is with pleasure that I recommend Stacia Irwin to you as a personal trainer.

I have been working with Stacia for approximately six months and have seen many improvements in my overall health and well-being.

Stacia has helped me to steadily increase my strength and endurance. When I first started working out with her I had difficulty doing knee bends, lifting heavy objects or working out for any length of time.  Sometimes doing routine things like going up and down steps would make my knees ache, getting in and out of a car would be painful, getting off of the floor could be a struggle. Now, I can easily do these things.

I don’t claim to be an athlete, however, I have gained a lot of functional movements, increased my strength and endurance, improved my energy levels and increased my overall feeling of well-being.

Stacia has a unique ability to diagnose and understand where you are at physically and to take you to the next level. She includes a lot of variety in her workouts and this helps to keep the workouts interesting. Stacia is positive and encouraging, she helps you to see the changes that are happening to you.

You may see me riding my bike, walking or enjoying other physical activities now and I thank Stacia for helping me to achieve this and more."

J L, Elizabethtown

I am a 73 years old lady who had lost lower body strength and mobility. Since training with Stacia I have regained mobility, improved my posture and strength. I’m pleased with how easily I am now able to get up from sitting and get in/out of the car. I have more energy and stamina… It has been well worth my time…

                                                                                                                                E.G. Mt Joy

I started coming to see Stacia because my doctor told me I was starting with osteoporosis and should start thinking about doing bone density exercises. I also was not feeling positive about myself. I was feeling weighed  down, foggy, no energy or pep.

"After my consultation with Stacia, I thought to myself, ”Oh no! What did you get yourself into! “FUN” is what happened!

Stacia made me work,  and have fun, too. She explained why we were doing a certain exercise, what part of the body it would help.I didn’t realize how out of shape I was but after 1 month all the exercises didn’t seem hard anymore like they did at first and I no longer felt weighed down. Stacia’s enthusiasm rubbed off on me and it’s like I woke up,  I felt energized , and more alive. She put me in the mood to exercise and made it fun!.  If you want to work out and have fun, give Stacia a call!"

Diane L., Mount Joy
Christen Collage

I've never really been a very active person, So when I decided that I wanted to get in shape. I knew that I need somebody to come along beside me and help me along my fitness journey and I knew I needed accountability because if I didn't have somebody that I was accountable too. I wouldn't do it, or I would go way overboard and do too much and kind of risk being unhealthy.

I needed somebody that said, here, this is our plan.

We looked into, all the aspects of my life,  a little bit at a time, that would affect my fitness journey. …it wasn't all at once we did it, gradually introducing one thing at a time,  now, it's second nature to me.

I don't think I ever really realized how sluggish I actually was until I started working out and eating healthy. I think for me that was just normal to always kind of get that 2 o'clock tired feeling. And when  I would go on walks, I would get really tired, really out of breath and winded. And I kind of just chalk it up to, that was normal.  then when I started working out it was like a complete difference. I was sleeping better, I had a lot more energy, I wouldn't get tired when I was sitting at my desk around 2 or 3 o'clock. And I wouldn’t get as bloated. I had gotten bloated before with different foods I'd be eating. So that didn't all happen at once, It was a gradual change, as I started introducing more and more healthy choices and healthy habits into my lifestyle but I remember after a few months I could do things that I couldn't do 3 months ago. And even a month in I  could do things I couldn’t do the month before. So that was a  really big change  I looked back and said, ‘wow, this is how far I've come.’

For me, this was a priority of my life, this was really important to me. it was an investment in my health and my lifestyle. It was one of the smartest investments I've made. I have all the things that I've learned here, so for me, it was a very logical decision to invest that money and get the results that I wanted.


 I think every other time I've tried to lose weight or have lost weight and gained it back. I've looked at the whole process as a short-term thing. I would look at it, in terms of -I'm going to exercise all the time and not eat enough calories and that's how I’ll lose that weight, but I would gain it all back because you can't maintain that. I wasn't making a lifestyle choice.


So every choice that I've made, from when I started a year and a half ago. I've made it with the intention, can I do this for the rest of my life. And so that's why I think it also has been such a gradual process, because, I knew if I just completely changed my life, that wouldn't be realistic for my long-term goal. So it's been gradual, little changes here and there that has led me from being where I was to where I am today. So I had to look at it in terms of the big picture instead of just losing 20 pounds and that's it.

When I’d  look in the mirror sometimes, I just wouldn't be happy and I just didn't feel as confident I think as I could of.  Now, I feel a lot more confident.

Both of my parents have a history of diabetes on both sides, & heart disease, so I was at a really high risk of getting diabetes so that was kind of a scary thought,  I didn't want to live my life being dictated by something that my body was betraying me. So I wanted to make sure that I could live my life and not have to be constrained by any kind of disease or something that was wrong with my body that I could prevent.


The last time I was at the doctor, I went for a physical exam and they said you need to lose weight. I think I felt so discouraged and I didn't really know where to start like it's easy for the doctor to say you need to lose 20 pounds or 40 pounds or whatever it is and they say diet and exercise.  For someone that doesn't do that at all it's so intimidating because I didn't know where to start, I didn't know how to go about making that happen in a healthy way. So I didn't do anything about it and I eventually gained more weight, I got to the point where I said this it.

I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to get healthier, I wanted to build my resistance and endurance and strength and I did all of that.


I don't think I accounted for the mental change that would go on in me too because the physical is the most obvious.  I've changed how I've seen myself, and I think so much more rewarding once you lose weight this way, you have these results, it's really fantastic.

I thought that I was going to come out of it being the same person I was when I started it and that's not been the case at all. So it's been really great to see the progress, look back on pictures from before and see how far I've come.                        Christen S.        Elizabethtown

B Teufel Collage

I had a hip fracture, scoliosis, and Parkinson's. Despite the Parkinson's, I had remained active for 14 years with golf and fishing, but I had been unable to stand erect for a long time. I was very bent forward and couldn't walk with my wife for more than a block due to pain in my back.

After a thorough consultation with Stacia, she immediately researched Parkinson's disease and the Big and Loud Program for Parkinson's. She made a plan based on what she learned and even included exercises to improve my golf game.

Now since I started with her I am much more erect, I am more flexible, I can stand longer without bending and without pain and I am now able to walk 5 blocks. She makes it a special time and is very accommodating to a 78-year young man.      B.T. Elizabethtown