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2020 BC

Don’t let the year of things you missed out on because of covid morph into another year (or more) that you miss out on because you are unable to do what you want due to your health.

Yes, Fitness Can Help Prevent Disease

Avoiding sickness has definitely been at the forefront of everyone’s mind for the past 7 months. More-so this year than ever before in our lives for the majority of us. We’re told to avoid activities and places that were a normal part of our lives just a few short months ago. We’re reminded to stay 6 feet away from everyone but those in our own household. We are endlessly washing our hands, and hand sanitizer has become a valuable commodity. And facemasks are such a thing that they’ve become a fashion statement.

But there’s a crucial disease-prevention strategy that continues to be glossed over.

Online Personal Training, What Is It and Is It For You?

Common Questions about Live Virtual Training:
 How online sessions work, and how they compare to your workouts in the studio.
How effective can a workout done at home really be? Can you really improve your balance strength and mobility even while homebound?
 How much space should you have and how much equipment is needed?
 How long are the sessions and how many per week?
What is the difference between following a ‘made for the masses’ DVD or YouTube workout vs, having the live coaching and support of your trainer with a program custom made for you.
Training around injuries:  How Live Virtual Training will allow you to train safely despite the  “issues in your tissues” Meaning I can address any injuries or limitations because we are live rather than prerecorded.

Walking, A Great 1st Step

The short answer is: Nope. Sorry, but it’s not.
I’m often asked if just walking isn’t “good enough” for exercise. 
Walking IS a great first step – pun intended. So, if you’re thinking of starting an exercise program, then yes, absolutely – get up and go for a walk. Or, if you’ve been walking

2020 BC

Don’t let the year of things you missed out on because of covid morph into another year (or more) that you miss out on because you are unable to do what you want due to your health.

Making Your List and Checking it Twice

Gift-giving ideas for the hard to buy for loved-ones. What do they want? What do they need? If you ask them they’ll more than likely say nothing.
Forget the digital photo frame, the e-reader, or the gift certificate for a restaurant. Skip the subscription to the flower, wine, coffee, or tea or any other “of the month club”.Rather than buying them another novelty item. Here is the opportunity to truly improve the life of your loved one.

The Hidden Dangers of Filtered Water

Only one in three of Americans drinks unfiltered tap water.  The other 67% is split equally between bottled and home filtered water.

While I keep bottled water on hand for guests because it is convenient, for my own drinking water, I have gone the filtered route for about as long as I can remember. Although bottled water overall is pretty inexpensive,  a case of 16.9 oz bottles is just over 3 gallons of water. Where one water filter will provide between 25-40 gallons. So, at least for me, it’s still much more economical to purchase replacement filters than it would be to continue to buy cases upon cases of water.

But there is a hidden danger to filtered water that many people aren’t aware of.

If you’re like me you think filtered water is cleaner and has fewer contaminants then tap water.

Common contaminants in tap water

Microorganisms, bacteria and viruses

Unfortunately, filtered water can make you sick!

Wait!….. What?

Read on to learn what may be lurking in your filtered water.

A Growing Problem

Even A Pandemic Doesn’t Interfere With Maintaining Fitness Inactivity and excess weight among older people is a growing problem in North America, Europe and the entire developed world. Now, amid the COVID 19 crisis, it can complicate health even more for the millions of people who are overweight. But one woman in Mount Joy –…

Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime is Here

Even now with things so off-kilter and normal routine completely out the window, the sunshine and warmth just make us happy ( at least it does me!) and make it easier to be active, with working in the garden, swimming, hiking, golf, tennis… so many options to be healthy.

And, with all the fresh summer produce for truly nutritious colorful meals and plenty of chance to get your vitamin D, there’s no better time to renew your commitment to living well and making healthy habits a priority.

So, How can you take full advantage of the season?