Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season is fast approaching and after the past 18+ months of canceled plans and zoom gatherings in the name of staying safe and healthy, this year’s calendar is liable to be filled to the brim with long-awaited holiday celebrations, office parties, get-togethers, girls days out shop-till-you-drop excursions and maybe even traveling. And while all these festivities should bring joy and laughter, all too often we end up feeling stressed, and completely overwhelmed by everything and everyone we have to take care of. Now more than ever we need to schedule in self-care or it won’t get done, leaving us depleted and unable to be the mother, wife, or friend that we want to be.

  “You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup”

This is where the benefits of exercise will outshine any ‘lack-of-time’ constraints.

You might feel that time spent working out could be better used during this busy season for one of the zillion other things on your to-do list. But here are 4 ways that keeping your date with your workout will be worth far more than the time you could save by skipping it.

  1. Stress Buster: A quick 20-minute session is all you need to relieve stress and give you a much-needed boost of energy to tackle whatever you have on tap for the rest of your day.
  2. Burn those extra calories: Let’s face it, it’s tough to reign in all the excess calories that lurk in all the ‘special occasion’ dishes, drinks, and desserts that are everywhere right now.  But staying consistent with your workouts can allow you to indulge occasionally in the barrage of treats you’re bound to be faced with. A quick 20-minute High-intensity training session ( like the one I included below)  can help you manage the excess calories from the fancy libations and party fare, and help you start the new year without the extra pounds from the holiday festivities.
  3. Lift your spirits: Exercise releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins which are shown to decrease pain, and improve mood. In fact, doctors often prescribe regular exercise to treat mild depression and anxiety. Try a workout session and see if you don’t find yourself in a better frame of mind.
  4. Get more out of your day: Get your most hectic days off to a great start with high energy exercise and you’ll enjoy better productivity plus a feeling of accomplishment no matter what the rest of the day throws at you

Don’t wait for the new year to set your intentions. Start today to get a jump on a fitness routine that will help you breeze through the holidays and start 2022 off ahead of the curve (and without the post-holiday extra pounds).

Ready for a quick total body- no gym, no equipment needed -workout? Your mission, if you choose to accept it (am I dating myself here?) Aim to complete as many circuits as you can. Rest when you need to and pick up where you left off when you are able. Set a timer for 20 minutes and put as much effort as you can during this time. Keep track of how many rounds you complete including partial rounds and you will notice your stamina, strength, and energy improve with each subsequent workout.

Exercise Repetitions
Step Squats 10 per side
Push-ups As many as possible, try elevating the hands on the  2nd 3rd, or 4th step if you can’t do them on the floor
Mountain Climbers 20 each leg as fast as possible, elevate hands if needed
Burpees 10  step or jump feet out and in depending on your ability
Lateral Lunges 10 each leg do all right side then all left side
Close-grip Push-ups As many as possible try elevating the hands on the  2nd 3rd or 4th step if you can’t do them on the floor
Inchworms 10
Skater jumps 20
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