Unveiling the Truth: Busting Common Myths about Weight Loss”

There is no shortage of weight loss advice. As wide and varied as the opinions are it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not know who to believe, or where to start.   Instead of fixating on individual opinions, let’s identify the most effective course of action for you. Because what gets lasting results is…

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Relief from Arthritis Symptoms via Exercise?? YES!

Arthritis causes inflammation and pain in your joints which frequently gets worse as we age. Ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain, arthritis causes people to miss out on once-loved activities and can even hamper activities of daily living enough to require assistance with basic tasks.

But, You can move with less stiffness and pain.  And 2BFit will show you how.

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2020 BC

Don’t let the year of things you missed out on because of covid morph into another year (or more) that you miss out on because you are unable to do what you want due to your health.

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Yes, Fitness Can Help Prevent Disease

Avoiding sickness has definitely been at the forefront of everyone’s mind for the past 7 months. More-so this year than ever before in our lives for the majority of us. We’re told to avoid activities and places that were a normal part of our lives just a few short months ago. We’re reminded to stay 6 feet away from everyone but those in our own household. We are endlessly washing our hands, and hand sanitizer has become a valuable commodity. And facemasks are such a thing that they’ve become a fashion statement.

But there’s a crucial disease-prevention strategy that continues to be glossed over.

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Online Personal Training, What Is It and Is It For You?

Common Questions about Live Virtual Training:
 How online sessions work, and how they compare to your workouts in the studio.
How effective can a workout done at home really be? Can you really improve your balance strength and mobility even while homebound?
 How much space should you have and how much equipment is needed?
 How long are the sessions and how many per week?
What is the difference between following a ‘made for the masses’ DVD or YouTube workout vs, having the live coaching and support of your trainer with a program custom made for you.
Training around injuries:  How Live Virtual Training will allow you to train safely despite the  “issues in your tissues” Meaning I can address any injuries or limitations because we are live rather than prerecorded.

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