5 Reasons To Try Resistance Band Training

Resistance Band Training can help you look better, feel better, and move better so, ultimately, you can live better.   …big claims from a ‘simple rubber resistance band.’

Yes, whether you want to get stronger, faster, lighter, leaner or more mobile, improve your balance or your back-hand

Resistance Bands are the ultimate functional training tool.

1)     You want to be able to workout anywhere

  •   No need for a gym membership. Bands are light weight and totally portable, Just throw them in your bag and you can take your “gym” with you. Whatever your fitness goals are, consistency is the key to success, and resistance bands eliminate the” can’t get to the gym” excuse and give you a way to strengthen, and stretch wherever you are, at home, at work or on the go.


2)     You want to build strength.

  •  Your body doesn’t know the difference between a weight and a resistance band all it knows is that it has to apply force to move it.  Resistance bands allow you to increase strength, while keeping you safe. –drop a resistance band on your toe and you won’t even flinch J
  •   Bands come in numerous resistance levels to challenge any age or training level. You can easily add resistance by simply stretching the band further. And they can assist in mastering bodyweight exercises such as squats and lunges for individuals currently unable to do them.


3)     You want to lose fat.

  •  Increase your workload to increase your metabolism. Moving the body through multi-joint movements, in multiple planes of direction provides stabilization demands on the body that recruits more muscle fibers than machine based movements.
  •  Incorporate resistance intervals and increase speed of movement to get more work done in less time with a higher calorie burn.


4)     You want to improve flexibility and mobility.

  •  Stretching can help to alleviate the tight hips, knees, shoulders and ankles that develop as we age. Maintaining mobility is crucial for maintaining function. Resistance bands are a great tool for stretching dynamically.


5)     You want to improve balance.

  •   Resistance bands can be used as an assistive tool, by controlling the force of gravity seniors can increase their confidence in their movement and thereby decrease their risk  of falling. Fear of falling inhibits movement and lack of movement leads to deficits that are detrimental to our quality of life. – Use it or lose it!
  •  Resistance bands teach the body to how react in unexpected circumstances that can lead to injury or falls. Trip over a curb or have to move quickly to avoid a child on a bicycle and your body has to quickly respond to keep you on your feet.


Living life to the fullest begins with making your health a priority. Exercise and physical activity are among the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Whether your goal is to Increase  Endurance ,Lose Fat, Improve Mobility ,  Develop  Strength Bolster Stability, Enhance Balance or  Maintain Your Independence, Resistance Band Training can help you make your goals a reality.


Every day you wait is a day you waste. Why not start getting better today?

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