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Brain Training

Think memory loss and degeneration are an inevitable part of aging? Not so experts say.

Research studies consistently show that being physically active helps alleviate the effects of aging on both, your body and your mind.

Here’s the NEAT thing:

 Well, here we go again. It’s that time of year when it seems like every advertisement on TV, radio and internet is promoting “quick and easy” weight-loss. You know the routine.   TV Stars plugging commercial weight-loss programs with pre-packaged meals and snacks Advertisers hawking a ‘revolutionary’ new pill or program to ‘melt the fat’…

What Vitamin D can do for you!

Do you feel like your get up and go has got up and went? Want to have more energy and stamina? Looking to improve your health and ward off diseases? Consider the surprising health benefits of Vitamin D.

Gluten-free Diet: Pathway to Weight loss?

Going Gluten Free has been hailed as the Magic bullet for easy weight loss success, But will jumping on the gluten free bandwagon going to give you the results you seek? Today’s guest post written by my colleague Anna gives you a look inside the Gluten free lifestyle. Gluten-free Diet: Pathway to Weight loss?  As…

Are YOU at Risk?

She was Lucky! I saw my friend shortly after she had taken an unexpected trip to the hospital and spent 4 hours in the emergency room.  Something as simple as carrying a bucket of rock-salt to put on her steps (so she didn’t  slip on the ice!)  could have had disastrous consequences. She was carrying a…

Eat Well For Life!

Recipe substitutions you can Live with. It is estimated that an astounding 75% of killer diseases, are directly related to what we consume (how we eat). Too much sodium, fat, cholesterol and sugar and not enough fiber, lean protein, fruits and vegetables are the major contributors of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain types of…

me and 2B

Take a peek inside the blog of a new trainee. Seeking fitness her entire adult life she has chosen to hire 2BFit to help her reach this previously unattainable goal. Read about her successes as well as her struggles. Cheer her on as she journeys toward  better health and wellness.

Nutritionally well balanced meals and recommended portion sizes

Eat breakfast every day. After not eating all night you will need to kick start your metabolism. When your body goes long periods without food, (4 or more hours) your metabolism slows down considerably. This is a leftover response to our caveman days when food was scarce and our body needed to protect itself from…

Portion Control

A good guideline to help understand portion sizes is to translate the abstract information represented by the serving size into something visual that is easily remembered. Simply compare the serving sizes of particular foods to familiar objects. Examples of a single serving include: Vegetables or fruit are about the size of your fist. Pasta is…