Gone Camping!

Finally the weather was dry enough and warm enough to head out for our first camping trip of the year. Shawnee state park. Offers miles of hiking and biking trails and has a huge lake you can fish or go boating, swim, or just hang out and read a book. Great for relaxing and rejuvenating.
While in the area we went to see the Flight 93 Memorial.. I highly recommend it, 
Then for something lighthearted and fun we went to Gravity Hill, Just put your car in neutral and it travels up hill against gravity. weird, fun, unique.a conversation starter for sure.
One of our favorite treats when we go camping is a take off of something I saw from Rachael Ray, Her version was an interesting idea but I felt it was too complicated as well as loaded with fat and calories. So with a few tweaks I began making Blueberry sandwiches. ..The slimmed down version.
The BluePrint:
High Fiber Multigrain Bread with a filling of light ricotta cheese (protein) and light cream cheese (just a touch), & a bit of stevia, and blueberries. then we grill the sandwiches like grilled cheese, slowly so the ricotta and blueberries get warm and melty… Yum!
We enjoy these all summer long on our camping trips.
Give them a try and let me know what you think. And if you’ve ever been to gravity hill let me know what your impression..alien intrusion, magnetic field or optical illusion.
Look Good Feel Good Live Better!

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