Ready for Winter Fun

Ruth Adams, 77, is getting ready to go skiing this winter, just as she has for more than 42 years. Covid 19 can’t stop her from enjoying her outdoor passion. And the strength and balance workouts she does here at 2BFit keep her in shape for it. Because skiing isn’t just riding the chair lift…

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9 Reasons

Ask 8 people and you’ll get 8 different opinions on the best way to get fit. 
One will tell you to aerobics is what you need. Someone else will tell you power walking or jogging is the way to go. And still another swears biking was all they had to do.

The truth is that while…

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Calorie Burning at it’s best!

I finished my workout an hour ago. I showered, and got ready for work and still, 60 min later I am still not done perspiring and taking deep breaths. this is called EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) this is what makes interval training so effective. for the next several hours and up to 24 hours…

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I weigh HOW much??

I continuously preach to my clients that the number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story and that body composition  ie % body fat mass in conjunction with lean muscle mass is more important than how much they weigh overall. That being said, I admit my body image can be influenced by the number on the…

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Have the time?

Are you ready to take the challenge? How much exercise do you get in a week?  Are you ready to be honest with yourself and find out? For this week’s challenge, Log how much time you spend in purposeful exercise. Whether you put your time in at the fitness center on the circuit machines, sling…

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