Guilt Free Spinach Dip

During an eating plan strategy session with a client she mentioned how much she liked spinach dip, you know, the kind with loads of calories and the wrong kinds of fat. This just made me hungry for spinach dip ( the power of suggestion does it again!)
So I began experimenting with ingredients I had on hand.
In a ‘bullet’ blender I mixed, 1/1/2 cups low fat cottage cheese, 1 cup plain low fat greek yogurt, 1/2 pack of ranch salad dressing mix (dry) and spinach–I had fresh spinach so I chopped and cooked it and added it to the blender. I estimate it was equal to approximately 1/2 box frozen spinach.
This ‘dip’ is awesome…(was awesome, I ate it all!) High, good quality, protein, low fat, veggies to boot, what’s not to like??
Give it a try for your next get together or even your own private snack attack!

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