Ready to move?

Okay everybody, let’s get physical…  ( now, if that made you think of Olivia Newton John I hate to tell you this, but you’re old!

The movie and the song were popular 31 years ago..!      

Well now: if that didn’t depress you here’s this weeks challenge.

3 exercises 10 reps each Complete all 10 reps of 1 exercise before moving on to the next.

Hip Bridge: lie on your back on the floor with your heels on a chair, knees bent. Contract your abs then squeeze butt and press down through the heels to lift butt off the floor. keep squeezing and lifting, your goal is to get torso, from shoulders to knees in a straight line. keep belly tight to keep low back from arching. hold at the top for count of 3 then slowly lower back down. try not to rest on the floor but begin squeezing and lifting hips again. complete 10 reps moving slowly and deliberately.

Pushup: If you are just beginning place hands on a counter or table to decrease the resistance. the less inclined and more horizontal your body is the more challenging this will be. If you have a staircase place your hands on the edge of a step 3-4 from the bottom and work you way down as you progress. Walk your feet back until your body is straight from head to heels squeeze butt, thighs and abs to maintain your body like a board. bend elbows to lower chest to step( or floor) then powerfully push back up. The whole body should remain straight, If you find it too difficult to keep low back from sagging increase the height of the incline until you get a bit stronger. complete 10 reps.

Full body extensions: Stand with your feet hip width apart. sit back into a 1/4 sqaut and swing arms behind you beside hips. Then explode up and swinging arms in front of you and overhead  while you extend knee and hips and press all the way up onto toes. Visualize jumping but your feet don’t leave the floor. End range of motion body will be fully extended with arms reaching overhead and you will be up on your toes. Lower back down into 1/4 sqaut and repeat 10X.


Do each exercise for 10 reps  1 time through if you are just dipping your toes in the exercise pool. Rest if you need to but try to keep moving through all exercises as quickly as possible.

Depending how challenging you want to make it,  you can choose to complete 2-5 sets of the circuit. Resting only when needed.

So there it is. Can you commit to doing the circuit this week?  Will you commit to doing it more than 1 circuit or more than once this week? twice or three times this week?   It’s your challenge..You get to chose,  let me know your results!

Look Good Feel Good Live Better!


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