What I Push For

What I push For…

As a first time host for the    www.PushupsForCharity.com   event. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into, or the amount of work that it would entail to get us to the finish line.  Now we are a few short days away and I am down to the final details.
This has been a learning experience for me, as I have never done anything on this scale before. I have met some great people along the way,
  Nathan Fair the active duty Army Ranger who has been in Iraq and Afganastan working to protect all we take for granted. Nate did 106 pushups for us at the spur of the moment to raise a $87donation for the boot campaign.
The rock band Madision Rising who are  on a mission to bring back the pride and patriotism of our country.–if you haven’t done so check out their rendition of the Star Spangled Banner,—-google ‘Madison Rising’,  it will come up–
at the Rally for the Troops I met parents who have lost their children to the war and now tirelessly work to help other soldiers who come back battered and broken.
And  as a host I have been sent the stories and videos of the heros who came back so broken, and yet have such a spirit and have overcome their devastating injuries.  they are so inspiring, really make you put your ‘problems’ into perspective!
I wanted to do this because it was a way help those who deserve so much by doing something I am passionate about–getting fit.  It has become so much more. I amin aweof the resiliency of these people who  have every reason to give up, be angry or bitter but instead they now are doing everything they can with what they have to make this world a better place.
Ultimately that’s what I want as I suspect most people do. I want to do what i can, with what i have, to leave this world a better place., and make people better by having touched their lives in some way.
THATS what I push for!
I hope you will come out and support the men and women who need our help. our Pushups for charity event will be  this Saturday May 18 Armed Forces Day- from 9:30 -10:30. Cheer us on as we push, bid on the silent auction items generously donated by the local businesses, Make a donation for one of the participants… Our motto is  ‘what can you do in 90 seconds?’
Turns out there’s alot you can do.  in 90 seconds you can impact the life of a veteran.
If you cannot come see us on Saturday you can still make a donation online at
if you need any other info call me at717-361-2408
Hope to see you on Saturday at Christ Church  247 South Market St E-town.
(Thanks for reading this far, I know this was a long one)
have a terrific day!
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