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It's my goal to inspire each person individually to actively pursue their optimal health and wellness.

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Class Personalization

After our initial consultation, I'll help you choose the activities that are going to fit your lifestyle.

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Small Private Lessons

With small class sizes or 1x1 lessons, my small private studio is comfortable and open.

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It's time to achieve your health & fitness goals

If you are looking for a miracle pill or potion, I don’t have it.  But, if you are willing to create a new, healthier lifestyle and get your freedom back through better nutrition and physical activity, then 2BFit can help you transform your health and your body.

  • Just you and your trainer in a private studio allows for distraction-free workout sessions
  • Always begin with a thorough assessment to ensure I understand your needs
  • Choose the most effective program for your lifestyle and start getting your mobility back!
Shot of a group of happy seniors in a yoga class

"...Stacia has done a remarkable job of helping me to rebuild my core stability and strengthening my neck. Even with my severe restrictions on activities, Stacia was able to design a program specific to me to ensure that I get stronger without injuring myself further. The exercise routine has also improved my spirit and now I have more confidence that I can attain my goals. Stacia has a positive attitude and is an absolute pleasure to work out with. She answers questions with enthusiasm and is extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services."

- B.M. Elizabethtown

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