Ready for Winter Fun

Ruth Adams, 77, is getting ready to go skiing this winter, just as she has for more than 42 years.

Covid 19 can’t stop her from enjoying her outdoor passion.

And the strength and balance workouts she does here at 2BFit keep her in shape for it.

Because skiing isn’t just riding the chair lift up then heading downhill; 

Ruth says “ To reach a chair lift to ride up and also when you get off the lift at the top, you have to traverse on level ground to reach the trailhead. This takes poling and skiing, rather like ice skating and this takes stamina. Also, because you are shifting weight from one foot to the other balance is required.” 

Her workouts at 2BFit also help keep Ruth strong and limber.
“With skiing, you do a lot of flexion and extension of your legs. Your torso is aimed straight downhill and your legs are quickly changing direction with your body weight over the front half of your skis to maintain control. And sometimes you feel you are pushing those muscles to keep from falling and when you are able to keep control? WooHoo!

“Keeping fit and strong keeps me out on the trails feeling like a kid!”

“The exhilaration you get when you are up and out over your skis and you are carving nice turns and it is effortless. You just feel free as a bird and then you suddenly catch onto something that works and feels better than anything in the past. There is always room to improve and each run affords that opportunity” 

“You are in a winter wonderland and everything is so beautiful when skiing. 
We were in our 30’s when we started, we did it with our kids and they wouldn’t miss it for anything now.”
“I taught the grandchildren how to ski in the back yard on a leash when they were young and I could pull them back up the hill. At ages 3 and 6 years old we took our first family ski trip to Colorado and we haven’t missed a year since. Spending a wonderful week skiing by day and playing games by night   Girls are now 22 and 19 and we will be skiing with our 2 children, and 2 grandchildren for 10 days in a ski-in, ski-out resort at Powder Mountain, Utah.”

Whether you’re up for skiing or not, a personal trainer-led workout program can keep you in good shape and ready. Stamina, strength and flexibility are key to being in peak skiing condition.
Come talk to me about any questions you have. But here’s a good general guide to how to prepare.
Cardio. Be sure to go on a few walks each week, and take the stairs when you can. Or, if your stamina is already fair, then work in two or three cardio workouts weekly.
Resistance training for legs. 
is crucial for balance and daily life, not to mention your preferred winter sport.. This means strong glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. A nice leg circuit twice a week will help get you ready. That means squats, lunges, leg curls and calf raises. Ask for a demonstration if you’re not familiar with proper form.
Core. Having a strong core will protect you from back strain and injury. Skiing requires a strong core because of all the twisting and leaning forward. Get ready with planks and twists.
Flexibility. Stretch before working out with weights, walking, or running – and that includes your lower back. 

Plenty of Older Skiers
 Baby boomers make up about 20 percent of US skiers, with millions more of the over 50 crowd also hitting the slopes. Nowadays, it’s not as physically challenging as it used to be because skis are wider and easier to control, other equipment is also better, and the slopes are groomed to be so much smoother.
Plus, “senior” discounts are plentiful,  “Les and I are old enough now that we get  a $500 pass for $20.” 
Check with individual locations about travel, lodging and ski information this season, which will be affected by Covid-19, like everything else.
And for information about discounts and group trips, visit the 70+ Ski Club.
Ruth Keeps Seeking Challenges
Ruth has worked out here at 2BFit Certified Personal Training LLC for many years. During the pandemic, she has logged in to the Elizabethtown studio virtually to continue her training via Zoom – including when she was out of town, and she’ll keep it up while in Utah.

“Stacia keeps pushing me, and that is what I need to stay on my toes. because I don’t ever want to quit”
Because when conquering a challenging slope; Ruth says  
“You feel like you hit the jackpot! It’s awesome!”

“We just live to the fullest each day and just think if we didn’t keep active, take care of our bodies and work at making them invincible with Stacia we would not be out on the slopes,  with the kids, skiing,  the trees, open trails, riding the Cat to new terrain,  and giving our family many wonderful memories. ” 
Ruth Adams, 77
Ruth and Les on the right with their kids and granddaughters in Utah

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